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Whether you have been accused of Domestic violence or you have been abused, the skilled Daytona Beach family law and criminal law attorneys at Stepniak & Park can offer the legal guidance you may need. We are deeply experienced in this area of Florida law and can protect your rights in these complex and high-stakes cases.

Domestic violence is an issue that overlaps Stepniak & Park’s primary areas of focus: family law and criminal law. When someone violates a DV injunction or restraining order—or they have been accused of doing so—emotional turmoil, injury, legal complexity, and law enforcement officials are often involved. These cases require an attorney with a history of success.

Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorneys Robert Stepniak and Jane Park have this history. Your case is too important and the consequences of losing are too grim for you to trust your case to anyone but the most accomplished attorneys. Call 877.256.4750 for a free consultation.

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DV injunctions and restraining orders are designed to prevent an individual from doing certain acts. These orders are often the result of domestic violence or domestic violence accusations. If you are the victim of domestic violence, an attorney can help you argue for a restraining order against your abuser. This injunction may help prevent further

  • Stalking, including cyber-stalking
  • Harassment, including unwanted phone calls
  • Further physical violence
  • Any unwanted contact at all by the abuser

On the other hand, if you violate a DV injunction or restraining order, this can have an impact on divorce proceedings, issues of child custody, and include a host of criminal penalties. For instance, you may be required to surrender your firearms to law enforcement officials and you may face mandatory counseling, fines, and other penalties; violating the terms of a restraining order or injunction can lead to many months in jail or several years in prison. Each violation may be considered an independent criminal charge. This dramatically increases the risk of incarceration.

The consequences are too harsh. Whether you have been abused or have been accused, you need a skilled and dedicated attorney with deep experience in this area of Florida law. Call Daytona Beach’s Stepniak & Park Law Firm at 877.256.4750 for a free consultation.