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If you or your child's other parent is considering relocating, it is important that you work with a seasoned Daytona Beach parental relocation lawyer for help. Stepniak & Park is a Central Florida law firm offering comprehensive and cost-effective family law representation.

Based in Daytona Beach, we also have offices in Deland and Palm Coast and we accept clients from all across the region. With multiple locations and highly experienced attorneys, we have many of the same resources that a large law firm might offer. We also offer something that they cannot: personal service by our lead attorneys.

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Parental Relocation Cases Are Often Complex

Florida law defines "relocation" in the following way: the child moves for more than 60 days and more than 50 miles away from their prior location. A parent cannot "relocate" a child without court approval or the other parent's permission in writing. These cases are often loaded with emotional challenges and legal complexity. Stepniak & Park has handled such cases many times before, with successful results.

Call our team if:

  • You want to move your child 50 miles or more from their current residence
  • You believe your child's other parent should not be permitted to relocate your child
  • You suspect your child's other parent has kidnapped your child
  • You need assistance changing your support and visitation schedule based on relocation

Parental relocation law in Florida is extremely complex and has very strict guidelines. A parent cannot simply relocate their child. A relocation must be approved by a court or very serious consequences may arise. Whether you are trying to relocate or want to protest relocation, having an experienced Central Florida relocation attorney is essential. Stepniak & Park can help you present the best possible argument to a Florida family court. Call us now for a free consultation to discuss your options.

Thousands of Clients Have Turned to Us for Help

Whether you want to petition for moving your child or you want to protest your child's relocation, Stepniak & Park has experience on both sides of these disputes. We are also skilled and accomplished in all areas of Florida family law and criminal law. Very often in Florida, parental relocation and criminal law overlap. We are Central Florida attorneys who offer comprehensive representation in both areas of the law.

You can reach us at (386) 868-4771 to speak directly with an attorney.

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