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Dividing Property in a Divorce

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The division of property can be one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce. For the guidance and protection of your best interests through division of property in Central Florida, call our experienced Daytona Beach property division lawyer. We relentlessly pursue your best interests and work diligently to keep your attorney fees low. If you are going through a divorce, the cost or quality of your attorney should never add to your anxiety.

Call our attorney for experienced and dedicated assistance for your property division issues.

Dividing Bank Accounts, Business Assets, Retirement Accounts & More

Florida is an "equitable distribution" state regarding marital assets. In Florida divorce, property is not automatically divided in half as it is in community property states. The Florida court strives for an equitable distribution of the marriage assets and tries to do what is fair.

A skilled attorney can make a strong argument regarding what is fair especially when there are disagreements about who is entitled to which assets:

  • Who will get the family home?
  • What about any other real estate including real estate outside of Florida?
  • How will assets from a business be divided?
  • Will the divorce include alimony or spousal support and how will this impact property division?
  • What happens to retirement accounts and joint investments?

We can explain how the intricacies of Florida law affect you and your rights. We will listen to your concerns and offer advice and legal guidance that is tailored to your situation.

Fighting for the Marital Home

In a divorce, perhaps one of the most contentious aspects of property division is the marital home, as the situation generally goes one of two ways: either both parties believe they are entitled to this property, or neither parties want the responsibility of taking over the home. The truth of the matter is, determining who deserves the marital home comes down to a number of unique factors, specific to each couple. These factors include whether one party owned the home before the marriage, how each party contributed to the financial aspect of the home, and more.

One important thing to consider in determining proper ownership of the marital home is whether or not you can afford to be accountable for the home with only one income. If not, it is best to allow your ex to bear that responsibility. If you think winning the home in the settlement and later selling it is a good idea, this is also something to consider--the real estate market is constantly fluctuating, which means you may not be able to sell the home as easily or as quickly as you may believe. This will become an even bigger burden on your shoulders, and it is one you want to avoid--our divorce lawyer can help you determine whether fighting for the marital home is the right choice for you.

One-on-One Counsel from an Experienced Attorney

Every divorce is different. Our Daytona Beach family law attorney understands this and will take the specific details of your situation into consideration before giving advice regarding property division in Florida. We help our clients negotiate equitable settlements to divide their marital property and make sure their rights are not compromised. We are committed to resolving your case quickly and in the most beneficial way possible. Our goal is to keep your costs low and help you achieve all of your goals.

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