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Civil litigation is typically required when one individual or business entity sues another to recoup monetary damages or awards. According to Florida law, corporate plaintiffs and defendants are required to have an attorney in all cases, except for small claims court.

At The Law Offices of Robert Stepniak, we offer skilled representation for civil matters and contract disputes. Our team of litigators can effectively serve you and ensure that your legal rights are protected every step of the way. We can litigate the following kinds of cases:

Civil Cases

Civil cases are different than criminal cases. This is because civil lawsuits are not brought forth by a prosecutor, district attorney, or agent of the state. Instead, these cases are brought forth by an individual or corporate entity.

Civil lawsuits are generally limited to monetary damages, while criminal cases often lead to jail time. Special rules regarding what kind of evidence is admissible and what must be proven for a plaintiff or a defendant, apply to both civil and criminal cases.

Small Claims

Small claims courts are typically used to resolve relatively small monetary disputes. Common cases heard in small claims court include:

  • Failure to repay a loan
  • Improperly repairing a vehicle or appliance
  • Not meeting the terms of a contract

Small claims court can’t be used to file for divorce, guardianship, name change, or bankruptcy. Additionally, lawsuits against the federal government, federal agencies, or federal employees cannot be brought in small claims court.

Landlord & Tenant Disputes

Both landlords and tenants are entitled to specific rights under the law. However, if a dispute arises between a tenant and landlord, civil litigation might be needed. We can assist with cases related to:

  • Residential & Commercial Leases
  • Eviction Filing Results
  • Co-Signer Liability Issues
  • Security Deposit Returns
  • Property Maintenance

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We understand that minimizing your litigation expenses is important to you. That is why our litigators explore multiple ways of resolving civil disputes, including negotiation and mediation. Our goal is to provide friendly and efficient legal services that you can depend on. Let us put our skills to work for you.

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